Mystery Chambers: Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below our list of most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find your question answered to your satisfaction, please contact us.

Mystery Chambers is a team-based event for families, friends, or business colleagues. You have 60 minutes to evaluate your environment and use logic to decode and solve puzzles that are needed to escape the chamber. Once locked in the room your group will have one hour to solve all the puzzles and escape. ​Currently, we have two rooms to choose from.... The Shack (2-8 people) and Help Save Christmas (2-10 people). We are currently working on a new room, follow us on Facebook for updates!

As the game transpires, clues will reveal themselves, and you must use logic to solve a series of interconnected puzzles. Every item must be examined in the environment, and nothing must be assumed. It is very important to share what you learn with your fellow team members as the knowledge you possess may help them. Every second counts once the timer begins, which adds a sense of urgency and creates chaos. Work fast as time counts down. ... tick … tock ... tick … tock.

Yourself, some friends, and a little brain power.

Our rooms can accommodate eight to ten players, depending on which room. A minimum of four players is suggested for the best experience.

Rate is $28 per person.

The minimum charge covers up to 4 people. Each additional person is $28 per person. You will not be combined with other groups!

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All events are by appointment only. Events can be booked online here.

Thursday and Friday: evenings
Saturday and Sunday: days and evenings

Special appointments are available. Please call us to arrange a date and time.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes ahead your scheduled time. Your event will start at the defined time. You will not be allowed to join a game in progress.

Yes, while the objective of the game is to escape the locked room, you will always be able to get out if needed. There is an emergency key/code to exit the room, and an attendant is on site for your safety.

We recommend at least 2-8 people so you have adequate time to solve all the puzzles in the chamber. If you have a group of two, we suggest booking with another group. You can see how many available spots are in a room under the “Book Online” tab. Select a room that has players already signed up.

Our two current rooms are best suited for 12 and older; however, children of any age are allowed to participate under parent’s supervision. One of our two rooms, Yuri’s Revenge, will require a minimum age of 14 years or older unless accompanied by an adult.

Mystery Chambers can be a private experience if you book all available tickets for the time slot. Escape Games are a great opportunity to meet new people and work together in a team environment. Having strangers with you makes the experience even better as it adds an extra exhilarating challenge to the game. You must solve problems as a team to unlock clues and progress through the game. It’s only through solving all the clues and puzzles together that you can discover the final code to unlock the door. There is still a chance that you and your group will be completing it alone. Eight people are allowed in the room per chamber. When you book, the remaining spots will appear as available on our website. If no one else books, you and your group will have to solve the clues using just your brain power.

Each game is 60 minutes.

Please park either on Main or Jackson Street. There is free public parking one block from Main and Jackson.

No! There are no zombies, cannibals, or other insidious monsters. However, one of our rooms contains some mild gore with fake body parts.

All chambers have good lighting.

Please contact us on Facebook or at (763) 777-9381.